Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Largest Luxury Consumption

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Shanghai, China, Pudong,

According to a recent report released by the World Luxury Association (WLA),  the total consumption of luxury products by Chinese consumers – excluding private jets, yachts and limousines – totaled $10.7 billion last year, accounting for 25 percent of the global market, and second only to Japan’s  34 percent share of the global market.

The WLA expects China to overtake Japan with the largest number of luxury goods consumers by 2012.

So where are these Chinese luxury consumers?

According to the WLA, the top ten Chinese cities with the largest luxury goods consumption are:

1.  Shanghai                   18.3%    2010-2011 Percent of Total Market

2.  Beijing                       16.2

3.  Hangzhou                 13.4

4.  Chengdu                   11.6

5.  Dalian                       10.2

6.  Qingdao                     8.9

7.  Wenzhou                   7.5

8.  Chongqing                5.1

9.  Zhengzhou                4.5

10. Shenzhen                  4.3

Industry powerhouses are eyeing the next hotpots for expansion. The ten “hotly contested” cities for expansion include Ordos in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Taiyuan in Shanxi province, Tangshan in Hebei province, Hefei in Anhui province, and Qingdao in Shandong province, according to WLA.

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8 Responses to Top 10 Chinese Cities with the Largest Luxury Consumption

  1. I cannot believe Shenzhen is only #10 on this list. Is it because so many people go to Hong Kong instead? Surely it should be higher than Dalian?

  2. Samuel Kwok says:

    I don’t believe ShenYang is not fall within the top 10! I query the comprehensiveness of the statistic.

  3. some surprises indeed.
    Chongqing so small…
    Tianjin not in top 10, i’d thought they ‘d be there. maybe TJ business is linked to BJ. even Shenyang.

  4. Frederic Mortier says:

    10 cities = 100% of the market? That is just not right!
    Are these statistics also produced by WLA? or else what is the source?
    May be the split is regional not city based…

    • Red Luxury says:


      These are the top 10 cities with largest luxury consumption according to WLA, not 100% of the market.

  5. Maosuit says:

    Would you please post the link to the WLA article or quote the data source?

    Smauel Kwok is right. Shenyang is definitely in the top 10. According to a major luxury conglomerate the best sales are:

    1. Beijing
    2. Shanghai
    3. Hangzhou
    4. Chengdu
    5. Shenyang
    6. Shenzhen
    7. Dalian
    8. Nanjing
    9. Guangzhou
    10. Tianjin

  6. Anna says:

    guangdong province doesn’t really have a large consumer market…the high end brands are pretty empty compared to other provinces

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