Meet China’s ‘Hai Tao’ Shoppers Who Spent $12.5 Billion Online

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E-commerce is booming in China with numerous international retailers setting up Chinese e-commerce sites, but many Chinese are also buying products from overseas online retailers.

These online shoppers, known as “hai tao” in China, spent RMB 74.4 billion (US$12.5 billion) in 2013 according to China E-Commerce Research Center, reports China Internet Watch. Up from RMB 12 billion in 2010, spending is expected to reach RMB 140 billion (US$22.68 billion) this year.

Hai Tao shoppers spend more money online than average Chinese e-shoppers. They are mainly driven by product quality and authenticity.

The most popular product categories bought from overseas were cosmetics and skincare products, makeup products, women’s clothing, perfume, toys, health supplements, milk powder and food supplements, and miscellaneous products for women.

Chinese online buyers bought the most goods from the United States followed by Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Of the goods from the United States, 50% were milk powder, men’s and women’s clothing, and health supplements. Premium clothing and luxury products sales were also up significantly this year overall, increasing by over 20 times. The purchase of outdoor products was up 50% as well.

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image credit: sarinee achavanuntakul, china internet watch

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