How Did Social Media Influence China’s Online Shoppers in 2014?

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The China Luxury Forecast by Ruder Finn and Ipsos has shed light on the role social media played in shopping decisions for Chinese and Hong Kong shoppers in 2014.

Of those surveyed, 51 percent of mainland Chinese respondents said social media was relevant to their life, and 31 percent said it was “completely relevant to my life.” In Hong Kong, 48 percent of respondents said social media was relevant to their lives, and 13 percent said it was completely relevant to their lives.

As for social media’s influence on luxury buying, social media networks were the second most influential source of luxury information for mainland Chinese and the third most influential for Hong Kong consumers.

social media, China, Hong Kong, luxury information, shopping influence

Because of China’s internet firewall, the social media networks that the consumers from China and Hong Kong use are different as well. In mainland China, the top two networks are WeChat and Weibo, whereas in Hong Kong, the top two social networks are Facebook and Instagram.

social media, China, Hong Kong, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo

Not only do mainland Chinese and Hong Kong consumers use different social networks, but mainland Chinese are also more likely to share information about products and promotions on social media.

social sharing, social media, luxury shopping, China, Hong Kong

image source: bfishadow/flickr, ipsos asia pacific

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