Four Reasons Why Chinese Consumers Go Online

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China has the world’s largest internet population and internet use is growing the fastest in the central and inner provinces of China.

What motivates consumers in China to go online and stay online? There are many attempts to decode Chinese internet users.

AT Kearney’s recent Connected Consumer Study identified four basic universal needs – interpersonal connection, self-expression, exploration, and convenience – that bring people online. They surveyed 10,000 “connected consumers” — those who say they connect to the Internet at least once a week, but generally much more, and included about 1,000 consumers each from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa, and Nigeria.


Of the four motivations to go online, exploration and convenience related “to access products and services and make purchases” were the most important for the Chinese with 98 percent of respondents agreeing that the need is a primary motivator to go online.  Convenience was broken into three aspects and the one related to the convenience to chose entertainment when they want it was ranked closely behind, by 97 percent of the respondents.

About 88 percent said interpersonal connection and 89 percent said the ability to express one’s opinion is key to their desires to go online.

Respondents from different countries were more motivated by different factors. The four motivations were all fairly important for the Chinese compared to those surveyed from other countries.

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