Chinese Brands Land Hollywood Placement

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Jiannanchun, a Chinese liquor brand has managed to procure placement in the latest Hollywood sequel The Amazing Spiderman. In the film, which is now screening globally, the liquor brand’s red bottle is shown on a billboard in NYC’s famed Times Square. China Real Time reports that such conspicuous placement could have cost the brand up to $16 million dollars.

This is not the first time that a Chinese brand has graced the silver screen, however. In 2009 a billboard featuring the clothing retailer Meters/bonwe popped up in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Yili milk, a Chinese dairy brand, was also shown in movie’s sequel.

So how successful is product placement? Yili credits their Transformers appearance with a 40 percent increase in that year’s sales.

Sirena Li, president of Beijing-based Filmworks China, told the Wall Street Journal that product placement in Hollywood films is becoming a popular marketing trend. What is tempting about Hollywood screen time is that it costs relatively the same as a domestic film, but is able to reach an entirely new audience while also promoting itself amongst local consumers.

“Appearing in Hollywood films can enhance a brand’s awareness among local audiences, making the local brand look more high-end and cool,” Li said.

The brand marketing goes both ways though. Not only are American viewers being exposed to Chinese products, but Chinese consumers are taking an interest in Hollywood films.

Annie Li, president of Beijing-based Reach Glory Communications, a company that helps clients obtain product placement, points out this mutual gain. “American filmmakers are trying to attract local attention in China. The American side is more willing to listen to Chinese companies’ opinions than before,” she said.

Industry insiders anticipate that as companies continue to see an increased number of customers and sales, such product placement will only continue to grow.

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