China’s ‘Stressed’ Middle Class Drives Coffee and Alcohol Consumption

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A recent survey conducted by CTR, a market research partnership between China International TV Corp. and the Kantar Group, has found that China’s middle class is feeling busier than ever.  Accompanying this lifestyle change, the survey found that the middle class is drinking more coffee and alcohol than the rest of the Chinese population.

A total of 73.5 percent of the Chinese middle class reported that their lives have become “increasingly busy,” which is higher than the national average of 62.1 percent. Similarly, 59.5 percent said that “too many things in life make me feel very stressed,” compared to the national average of 55.3 percent.

The research, known as the Core Economically Active Population Survey, shows that many participants reported feeling stressed due to high career goals, as 63.5 percent of people felt that they had already developed their career as much as possible.

The study’s findings were based on a 12 point model that analyzed variables associated with Chinese income levels. China Daily reports that these categories included education levels, residency, and goods and commercial service consumption.

It was found that with rising stress levels, China’s middle class consumers purchased 13 percent more beer, 12.5 percent more wine, and 6.1 percent more baijiu (white liquor) than the average Chinese citizen.

While the middle class does report being more stressed than the national average, the survey also indicated that 57.5 percent of participants believed they were living a healthier lifestyle, compared to 54.4 percent nationally.

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