China’s Late-Night Retail Opportunity

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IAPM mall, Shanghai, China, late night shopping

Chinese are known to love staying up late. With work days becoming longer and leisure time at a minimum, Chinese may need to extend their day into the night as a necessity, to get things done such as grocery shopping, haircut, banking, and clothes shopping.

According to WPP’s 2014 China Consumption Trends study, “consumers are extending their ‘Night’ life and brands are considering platforms specific for this type of user [consumer].” Some businesses are reflecting this change in consumer lifestyle with more flexible hours and accommodations.

Owl GPRS Service, launched by China Mobile, saw an opportunity to cater to their late-night customers by offering lower prices for email and internet access at later hours. This is in an effort to reach some 95 percent of respondents who revealed they tend to stay up an extra hour before bed to use their phones.

MEC China reported that from 2010 to 2012 there was a 300 percent increase in people who factored extended business hours into their decision of where to grocery shop.

Banks like CEB, CMBC, and CCB have also extended their business hours to meet the needs of office workers who don’t have time to stop in on work days. Those with day jobs now have the option to visit the bank between 8 pm and midnight.

Shanghai recently saw the opening of IAPM, a mall that was created to indulge night owl shoppers. Although the mall has normal daily business hours, they emphasize the fact that stores stay open till 11 p.m., and restaurants run till 1 a.m.

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