China Cigar Market Will Be Fourth Largest in the World

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Along with fine wine, cigar is associated with celebration and the luxury lifestyle.

China’s cigar market is expected to soar by 20-plus percent in 2014. Davidoff’s CEO Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard tells Bloomberg that China was the seventh largest cigar market in the world in 2013 and is expected to move to number four in 2014.

Davidoff, which offers premium handmade cigars, has created a limited edition Year of the Horse product for the Chinese market. It is the largest cigar its ever made and the company expects it to be a hot-selling gift item. Priced at HK$4800 (US$618) for a box of nine cigars, it is luxury, but accessible, according to the company.


There are only 5,000 boxes made for the whole world. Davidoff has created Chinese zodiac-themed limited edition cigars in past years and they have sold very well. Davidoff’s limited edition business accounts for nearly 20 percent of sales. Also, travel retail with 85 million Chinese travelers is an important market for Davidoff.

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One Response to China Cigar Market Will Be Fourth Largest in the World

  1. It depends by what you classify as a “cigar”. I recently spent USD500 on a box of premium Cubans at Beijing Airport duty free from one of the luxury outlets there. When I got to my destination, I found they were all fake. Having been conned multiple times when buying a cigar in China, even in the 5 star hotels, I have to say the Chinese market is saturated with fakes. That isn’t a real market. It’s a hot bed of thievery and fraudulence. Now I never buy any cigars in China as I have just become so fed up of being conned by the merchandise.

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