Asians Spend 257 Percent More on Brands They Follow Online

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The power of online brand engagement!

A new study from Waggener Edstrom Communications found that Asian consumers spend up to 257 percent more on brands they follow online.

“This study shows that in 2014 digital-driven brand storytelling is central to successful communications. Consumers want to be engaged by brands online,” said Matthew Lackie, Senior Vice President at Waggener Edstrom. “We are seeing that B2B and B2C companies will be rewarded in 2014 with larger spends, engagement rates, and higher levels of brand advocacy when they provide their audiences with great content.”


About 78 percent of Asian online consumers do their product research using social media. Not only are consumers gaining confidence in online information, they are increasingly relying on online information.

About 86 percent of digital consumers in China actively engage with online advertorial content or click on digital ads. Chinese consumers spend about 160 percent more on food and beverage brands they follow online.

Hong Kong consumers who follow mobile device brands are 33 percent more likely to recommend them to family and friends. About 88% percent of digital consumers in Hong Kong participate in brand campaigns that have contests and giveaways on social media.

In Japan, about 60 percent of digital consumers actively engage with advertorial content or click on digital ads. Japanese consumers who follow consumer electronics brands online spend 12 percent more.

Other countries in the Asia-Pacific region show similar online behavior. Consumers in India and the Philippines who follow travel and tourism brands online spend 187 percent and 160 percent more, respectively. In Vietnam, online consumers spend 156 percent more on personal care products and services they follow online.

In Indonesia, 95 percent of online consumers get their product information on social media and 87 percent search for the latest deals and promotions from brands on social media.



credit: michael davis-burchat, waggener edstrom communications

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