Venezuela Woos Chinese Tourists with New Chinese Language Website

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Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, the capitol and largest city in Venezuela, is working hard to attract Chinese visitors. Their tourism initiative has been spearheaded by the introduction of a Chinese language site. The site, which was launched on June 20 by Venezolana de Turismo, provides information about hotel accommodations, transportation and popular attractions.

One thing that the city certainly has working in their favor is that they have yet to be discovered by camera-wielding tourists. Venezuela also offers visitors some of the much desired natural beauty and tranquility.

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Wang Rui, a 27-year-old Chinese citizen from Nanjing, said that she was inspired to visit after seeing Venezuela’s famed Angel Falls in the hit Disney-Pixar movie Up. The waterfall is also known for being the world’s largest, of course.

“It presented a natural beauty to me, and the cities were not packed with tourists busy with taking photos,” she told China Daily.

Since Beijing approved Venezuela as a vacation destination in 2006, the number of Chinese visitors has grown. Between 2011 and 2012, 12,000 Chinese visited, increasing 108 percent from the previous year.

The National Tourism Administration reports that while China already has the largest number of outbound tourists, they still managed to see their numbers surge in 2013. Rising 17.8 percent, a total of 98 million tourists departed from China last year.

Dou Qun, a tourism industry professor at Beijing Union University, said that Venezuela has much to capitalize on in the coming years.

“Unlike regular tourists, experienced tourists like to go on adventures. Venezuela has untapped natural resources for adventurers.”

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