Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Uses Social Video to Showcase Its Exceptional Guest Service

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Being authentic is all the rage in luxury these days. Pulling back the curtain and giving customers a look “behind the scenes” of a runway show or how products are crafted has become a popular marketing tactic used by luxury brands and fashion houses.

Now, the Ritz-Carlton is giving a glimpse into how its employees deliver top-notched service at its hotel.

To show how crucial a dedicated staff is in creating a positive guest experience, the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai has released a new performance piece entitled ‘Miao’. Though the Ritz chose to hire a professional art troupe to represent its employees in the video, the performance’s main objective is to bring its crew’s tireless efforts to the forefront.

Clayton Ruebensaal, Ritz-Carlton’s VP of marketing at their Washington location, said that the new video is all about showing the hotel’s commitment to enhancing their guests’ stay. In fact, the Ritz explained that in Mandarin, ‘Miao’ translates to full of wonder.

“The performance depicts a memory being created for a couple staying at our hotel. Done to a fantastic scale, we aim for this story to captivate travelers’ dreams of truly transcendent travel experiences,” he told Luxury Daily.

The video, and live theatrical performance, took a full year of preparation. The show uses complex choreography to illustrate a typical couple’s interactions with Ritz-Carlton staff members including bellboys, housekeepers, and chefs.

The show even features acrobatic dancers who portray the flexibility of their staff and how they ‘bend over backwards’ for their guests.

Ruebensaal said that the decision to deliver this message through theater was a deliberate one — it “focuses on Chinese luxury consumer’s love for storytelling.”

In the end, the transparency of the piece shows the brand’s devotion to not only providing a positive guest experience, but making it clear to visitors just how much the hotel appreciate its staff’s hard work.

image credit: ritz-carlton

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