Leading Hotels Preferred by Chinese in Recent Survey

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International luxury hotel chains are better received by consumers from China than anywhere else in the world, a new study finds.

The Luxury Institute in New York recently released its 2014 Luxury Hotels Brand Status Index, an extensive survey that charts consumer opinion of various hotel chains across different countries. The study found that recent expansion efforts by international hotels in China have paid off — on average, hotels received higher ratings from Chinese consumers.

Survey respondents were asked to rate hotel chains on a ten-point scale based on guest experience, exclusivity, social status, and perceived quality. They were also asked if they would return to the brand for future travels, if the brand is too expensive, and if they would recommend the hotel to friends and family. The study examined 37 global luxury hotel chains, including Club Med, Armani Hotels, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons, and Grand Hyatt.

Leading Hotels of the World was the top ranking hotel among Chinese consumers, receiving a score of 8.62, the highest score of any hotel on the survey. The Luxury Collection ranked third place in China with a similarly impressive score of 8.54.

According to Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, keeping a consistent reputation across the globe is incredibly difficult for international hotel brands, and “the best you can do is be in the top 10 across countries.”

“It’s hard for one brand to sustain a global leadership to be top tier in different countries,” Pedrazza tells Luxury Daily. “There are different circumstances, different needs, different stages of development.”

image credit: puli hotel and spa/lhw.com

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