Chinese on Top 10 List For Paying Most for Hotels When Abroad

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Westin Hotel Singapore

Contrary to popular belief that Chinese travelers are frugal when it comes to hotel stays, Chinese globetrotters were among those who paid the most for hotels when traveling outside their own country, according to a recently released report by

Chinese outbound travelers ranked No 8, spending an average of 1,031 yuan ($166) per night for a hotel abroad, reports China Daily. The report is based on bookings made on the site and are actual rates paid.

Swiss travelers once again top the list, paying an average room rate of 1,120 yuan (US$193) per night. US travelers ranked third, paying an average room rate of 1,067 yuan (US$174) per night.

chinese travelers hotels

Asia and the United States are the favorite destinations for Chinese travelers, followed by Europe. In Asia, Hong Kong remains the most popular destination, but Taipei is quickly rising, according to the report.

China Tourism Academy projects that from July 2013 to June 2014, Chinese will make more than 100 million overseas trips for the first time.

chinese travelers hotels

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