China’s Independent Luxury Hotels Aim For Higher Global Profile

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luxury hotels in china

With help from the Chicago-based Preferred Hotel Group, independent Chinese hotels are fighting to capture the attention of international and domestic tourists alike.

“Unlike flag-chain and global giant hotels, most of the independent hotels in China are very popular with local customers, but they are barely known by visitors from abroad,” said Yang Chen, director of sales and marketing at Hotel Kunlun in Beijing. Without the money to fund major global marketing campaigns, small hotels are simply unable to keep up with chains like Hilton, Marriott, and InterContinental.

In trying to remedy this problem and successfully break into the international hotel scene, many small hotels and resorts have looked to the Preferred Hotel Group—which made its way to China in 2007— for help. The group works with 650 allied independent hotels in over 85 countries, according to China Daily.

While they don’t own or run the hotels and resorts, they do represent them internationally, network for them, enhance and endorse their brand, and offer consultations and classes for hotel employees to learn how to improve their own brand recognition.

chinese luxury hotels

The group currently work with 22 mainland Chinese hotels and resorts, and Blaise Jing, the regional director of global sales for the group’s Beijing sector, said that they have helped domestic hotels increase reservations by 52 percent over the last six months alone.

Aside from helping Chinese hotels attract international travelers, the group with its global portfolio offers an array of accommodation choices for Chinese travelers abroad. Anthony Ross, executive vice-president of the organization’s Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa sectors of the Preferred Hotel Group, is certain that the market, and their work, will only continue to grow.

“The number of Chinese outbound tourists is amazing, some 100 million tourists now and going to reach 200 million soon, which is just huge. We want to make a noise in China so that people know about us, so that when they think of traveling overseas they also think about us,” he said.


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