Top Chinese Celebrities and Their Appearance Fees

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Fan Bingbing, China celebrities, appearance fees

Fan Bingbing, still in the midst of a promotional tour for X-Men: Days of Future Past, has topped yet another list ranking Chinese celebrities. After ranking first in Forbes’ list of the top Chinese celebrities based on fame and fortune, Bingbing has come in first once again, topping the list for appearance fees among Chinese celebrities, reports China Daily. Below are the top 10 celebrities based on their per appearance fee.

1. Fan Bingbing: 1.35 million yuan ($216,493)

After being exposed to a worldwide audience with her role in Iron Man 3, Fan Bingbing is well on her way to worldwide stardom with her role as Blink in the recently released X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

2. Li Bingbing: 1.25 million yuan ($200,470)

Though not as well-known worldwide as Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing is an acclaimed actress in China, having received nominations for three Chinese academy awards and winning a Huabiao Award, Hundred Flowers Award, and Golden Horse Film Award. She appeared in Resident Evil: Retribution and will appear in Transformers: Age of Extinction  this summer.

3. Jay Chou: 1.25 million yuan ($200,470)

Singer and actor Jay Chou has sold millions of albums in China since releasing his debut album Jay in 2000. He has won a number of Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, and his musical success has led him to branch out into acting.

4. Zhang Ziyi: 1.2 million yuan ($192,441)

Her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, followed by a string of box-office hits, including Rush Hour 2, Hero, and Memoirs of a Geisha, catapulted Zhang Ziyi to worldwide stardom. Zhang has gone on to have a successful acting career both at home and abroad and has served as an ambassador for Omega Watches, Visa, and Maybelline, among others.

5. Zhou Xun: 1.15 million yuan ($184,422)

Known to western audiences for her role in Cloud Atlas, Zhou Xun has been active in China as an actress since 1991. Zhou won a number of awards for her role in Perhaps Love in 2005, including award for best actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Critic’s Society Awards, Golden Bauhinia Awards, and the Golden Horse Awards.

6. Li Yuchun: 1.15 million yuan ($184,422)

Chinese singer Li Yuchun gained fame after winning the nationwide singing contest, Super Girl, in 2005. Also known as Chris Lee, she was introduced to a worldwide audience in 2013 by winning the MTV Europe Music Award for best worldwide act.

7. Cecilia Cheung: 1.05 million yuan ($168,390)

Making her film debut in Stephen Chow’s King of Comedy (1999), Cecilia Cheung won the award for best newcomer at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Shortly thereafter, she launched her Cantopop career with the release of her debut album, Any Weather (1999). Though she has been involved in a few scandals, Cheung has had a successful acting and singing career in China.

8. Alan Tam: 1.05 million yuan ($168,390)

A household name in China, Alan Tam was a pioneer in the Cantopop industry beginning in the 1980s. He has released 115 solo albums and sold 35 million records worldwide as of 2013.

9. Chiling Lin: 1.05 million yuan ($168,390)

Referred to as “The First Face of Taiwan,” Chiling Lin is a model and actress whose meteoric rise to fame led to the coining of the term “The Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon.”

10. Kelly Chan: 900,000 yuan ($144,338)

Kelly Chan is a Chinese Cantopop singer and actress known as the “diva of Asia.” She has released 38 albums and sold 20 million records worldwide. She has won over 300 awards for her singing and acting.

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