China’s Top 10 Celebrities in 2014

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Forbes China has released its list of China’s top celebrities based on income and exposure. This is the eleventh year that Forbes has released its list of China’s 100 top celebrities in the fields of entertainment, sports, culture, and media. After winning last year, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing once again came in first place. Here are the top 10 celebrities in China:

1. Fan Binbing: 122 million yuan (US$19.5 million), Actress

2. Andy Lau: 89 million yuan (US$14.3 million), Actor and Singer

3. Jay Chou: 156 million yuan (US$24.9 million), Singer and Actor

 4. Huang Xiaoming: 66.5 million yuan (US$10.7 million), Actor

 5. Zhang Ziyi: 56 million yuan (US$8.9 million), Actress

 6. Yang Mi: 52 million yuan (US$8.3 million), Actress

 7. Chiling Lin: 60 million yuan (US$9.6 million), Actress

 8. Li Na: 142 million yuan (US$22.6 million), Athlete

 9. Nicky Wu: 67 million yuan (US$10.7 million), Actor

 10. Jackie Chan: 54 million yuan (US$8.6 million), Actor and Director

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