Top 10 Richest Cities in China

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China has over 600 cities. Which cities are the wealthiest?

Beijing-based China Investment Network has published a list of China’s richest cities based on government revenues in 2013. According to China Daily, the ranking is based on factors, including size of city, population and industrial structure.

The Chinese cities in the top ten are well-known and are some of the leading markets for luxury goods in China.

Top 10 Richest Cities in China

1. Shanghai
    410.95 billion yuan (US$67.81 billion)

2. Beijing
    366.11 billion yuan (US$60.3 billion)

3. Tianjin
    207.8 billion yuan (US$34.22 billion)

4. Shenzhen
    173.1 billion yuan (US$28.5 billion)

5. Chongqing
     169.29 billion yuan (US$27.9 billion)

6. Suzhou
     133.10 billion yuan (US$21.9 billion)

7. Guangzhou
    114.05 billion yuan (US$18.78 billion)

8. Wuhan
     97.85 billion yuan ((US$16.1 billion)

9. Hangzhou
     94.5 billion yuan (US$15.56 billion)

10. Chengdu
      89.85 billion yuan (US$14.8 billion)

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