Martha Stewart Looks to Cultivate the Chinese Sweet Tooth

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Martha Stewart Cupcakes

Martha Stewart was in China this past week to speak at an AOL sponsored conference for female empowerment. Addressing the audience of over 300 women, Stewart encouraged her listeners to “Never stop challenging yourself.”

But what, other than her speaking engagement, is behind Stewart’s visit to China? It comes as no surprise if she plans to bring her lifestyle brand to the world’s largest consumer market. First off, she is looking to expand the Chinese palate. She hopes to bring baking, especially cupcake baking, to Chinese homes.

While this may be a hard feat to accomplish—most Chinese apartments don’t have ovens—Stewart is confident in her approach to introducing the American treat. “Home-baking will be a more accepted part of Chinese life in five or 10 years and I’m looking to bring it in,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

Stewart plans to market what she considers to be local flavors, and to modify her other products like cookbooks, bedding, and towels, to be more suited for Chinese consumers as well. “Whatever the market needs, we will do,” she said.

The businesswoman has also spoken with Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba Group, about selling her products online. By selling through the e-tail giant, Stewart would have much wider access to Chinese consumers, and a better chance at solidifying herself and her products in the Chinese marketplace.

Stewart pointed out that as China sees more and more international influence, taste in foods, just like taste in clothing or style, are bound to change or at least expand. “Chinese home meals are going to become more diversified, and I don’t see why China, with its huge population, wouldn’t have people who enjoy a cupcake,” she said.


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