Instead of the Zoo, Chinese Parents Bring Their Children on a Luxury Villa Tour

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On the weekend before Children’s day, during which many parents took their kids to a museum, park, or other local attraction, some parents took the occasion to inspire their children to a future life of wealth.

The destination was the Qingyuan City Heming Island Resort & Spa, a luxury resort and real estate development in Guangdong province, reports China Youth Daily. One of the development’s many two-story vacation villas was open to the public for tours. The four-million-yuan villa includes a swimming pool, a private hot tub, tea room, den, and living room, all set within the larger community that features lush, landscaped grounds.

The parents said that it was a good way to show their kids that they could achieve the same high social status and lifestyle if they worked hard.

Approximately 300 parents and their kids attended, according to ECNS.

Many did not see the educational event as a positive one, with many on the social media site Sina Weibo condemning it. According to the BBC, one person was quoted saying that it represented¬†“a sick society with distorted values,” and another said, “When you grow up I hope you know that money doesn’t bring happiness.”

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