China’s Next Big Thing: Interior Decorating

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In recent years, the waves of foreign clothing and cosmetics have washed over the Chinese markets. Now the home improvement industry is about to crest. ZARA HOME, a company from Spain, is one of several large home decorating and household goods retailers looking to cash in on a market awash with trendy homeowners.

ZARA opened its first Beijing retail location in August at The Place shopping center. This September, it opened a second, bigger location at the Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park.

“China is a great market for us and we were looking to find the perfect place and moment,” said a spokesperson for the Chinese operation of Inditex, ZARA’s parent company. A number of rival brands have similar feelings: companies like Harbor House from the United States, MUJI from Japan, and HOLA Home Furnishing Store from Taiwan are close neighbors to ZARA’s Solana location and success.

“We have two different collections launching each year and we follow the fashion trends. We believe in the easy home update, and hope to provide a different look for a home each season,” said Inditex China’s spokesperson. To accomplish this, ZARA maintains an expansive inventory of tableware, glassware, home accessories, furniture, linen, bedding, carpet, and upholstery.

ZARA opened its third Chinese store in Guangzhou at the end of September and a fourth in Tianjin in October. A surging interest in interior decorating has been palpable in a number of areas, particularly in advertising.

According to CTR Market Research of Beijing, advertising revenue of the nine interior decorating magazines it surveys reached 341 million yuan ($53.7 million) in the first 8 months of this year, up 16 percent from 2010. Publicity campaigns launched by ZARA HOME and similar stores will likely contribute to growing advertising revenue.

“Our rapid expansion is due to the rise of the Chinese consumer market and the improvement in people’s lifestyle tastes,” said Tong Zhixiang, CEO of Test Rite Group, the parent company of HOLA. Sales revenue for the company was $1.1 billion last year, increasing by 13 percent from 2009. Such growth is relative across the industry.

The marketing efforts of the home furnishings companies are focused on 25- to 45-year-old white collar workers with a house of more than 100 square meters, particularly females.

“Our target customers are people who love fashion and decoration,” said Inditex China’s spokesperson. Based on those criteria, it’s no surprise that the industry is expanding by upward of 100 percent per year.

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3 Responses to China’s Next Big Thing: Interior Decorating

  1. I think the growing sophistication of the Chinese consumer will definitely mean that their attention turns to their homes. Even though their houses are too small to entertain, they will want more luxury and fashion forward designs for themselves. They will want to sleep in nice rooms and on luxurious linens…they will buy a big tv and want a comfortable and luxurious chair on which to sit.

  2. bernd r wehn says:

    … great, a really great sample of interior design! I never would pay a coin for this “interior design”. Have you no better style?

  3. kris says:

    I have noticed an increase in Chinese clients willing to step away from the traditional Chinese styles and experiment with western styles and designs. We recently completed a ski resort the edge of Beijing where, although and clientele is predominantly Chinese they have opted for a more western approach and concept. This trend is continuing into our housing and office projects. Its great to see more emphasis and appreciation on design.

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