New Chinese Luxury Watch Brand – The Chinese TimeKeeper

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Looking to compete for a piece of China’s luxury watch market dominated by Western brands is a homegrown brand that embraces its Chinese heritage.

The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK) is a new luxury watch brand that wants to be recognized as being distinctively Chinese and “proudly crafted in China.”

That’s something new, but a trend we will likely see more of.

The Chinese luxury watch market is worth RMB15.5 billion in 2009 and growing at 35% according to a Bain & Co. report. It is dominated by five top brands: Cartier, Longines, Omega, Rolex and Tudor.

To set itself apart from the crowded foreign brands, CTK is embracing China’s history to create the first exclusive Chinese watch collection, which consists of six models simply known as CTK01-06.

CTK has a simple, modern aesthetics with discreetly branded Chinese elements.

The Hong Kong luxury company draws inspiration from the renowned ancient scholar Su Song’s clock tower and China’s timekeeping prowess. Each step of the design is meticulously recreated based on the clock tower and extremely symbolic.

The case of a CTK is composed of four layers or rings made of stainless steel 316L and held together by four large screws on the bezel and four smaller screws on the back case.

CTK01 has a case large of 44mm and made entirely of black PVD. The dial displays the time with numerals in shiny gunpowder color, the ‘+’  in flamboyant red, offers a powerful visual impact.

Prices for these exclusive timepieces (one of only 38) range from HK$17,800 to HK$20,800 (US$2,300-$2,700).

photo credit: the chinese timekeeper

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5 Responses to New Chinese Luxury Watch Brand – The Chinese TimeKeeper

  1. CObb says:

    The “+” is the Chinese character for the number 10. ?

    • Red Luxury says:

      yes. according to ctk, “the number 10 has been applied in chinese to recall the design of the birds” — referring to the bird symbol in the original clock tower that was believed to make the wearer’s wishes come true!

  2. Calvin says:

    Would definitely be more interesting if numbers were decorated in Chinese.

  3. yang says:

    good for Chinese..but despite those luxury goods please learn a little culture ,,
    iam really happy that Chinese getting rich but i don’t think they can change their behavior well , also still a lot poor people live in that country b

  4. Okay, it looks nice but why does it have to be so thick? Half of watchbuilding is showcasing how many movements you can fit in a small area? I’ve seen a few watches out of China that have really impressed me in the last little while but I just don’t see this one taking off. Christians might like the crucifix at 11:00 I guess….

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