Montblanc Reaches for the Moon with New App and WeChat Promotion

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Montblanc is tapping into the Chinese interest in astrology. The company has launched an innovative social media campaign to promote its latest timepieces with moon phase complications.

The brand recently released its Bohème Perpetual Calendar and Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar jewelry watches, which both feature the popular moon phase complications to show the lunar cycle. This is common among many watch brands, but only Montblanc has “pinpointed this element to appeal to a specific market of consumers,” according to Luxury Daily.

China’s interest in astrology makes it a natural angle for Montblanc’s advertising campaign in the country. Astrology plays a key role in the daily lives of many Chinese consumers, and it is generally understood that the cycles of the moon affect people’s lives and the environment.

In November, Montblanc unveiled its “Explore the Mystic Moon Phase” application, which “combines the moon phase complication and lunar shifts in real time” and features an eye-catching lunar-themed QR code. Consumers enter their gender and date of birth, and the app uses the information to generate a report on how the phase of the moon at the time of the user’s birth reflects their personality, hobbies, love life, and work. The app also fully integrates with the popular social networking platform WeChat, allowing for a well-rounded and multidimensional experience for consumers. To ensure Explore the Mystic Moon Phase offered authentic astrological information to users, Montblanc also enlisted the help of renowned astrology author Wang Xiaoya in designing the app.

According to Elsie Zhang, digital key account manager at Digital Luxury Group, Montblacn’s engagement with cultural affinities will make for a successful promotion.

“As a lifetime companion brand, Montblanc has been one of the most active and innovative watch brands in China, and it made perfect sense to support this ambition with our campaign,” said Ms. Zhang. “By definition, a successful social media campaign is built on the engagement generated and one of the key criteria is to build an emotional connection with the audience.”

Ms. Zhang also added that one of the ad’s greatest strengths is its singularity.

“Consumers in China are overwhelmed with receiving branded advertising messages that in the end are quite similar,” Ms. Zhang said. “It was a unique opportunity to develop, for the first time, a talking point like this and to associate the brand to a highly relevant and popular topic in China.”

image source: montblanc facebook

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