Apple Watch Receives Tepid Response from China

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Things aren’t looking good for the Apple Watch in China.

Apple announced its latest gadget on March 9. China will be one of the earliest markets for the smartwatch, which will be available for purchase there on April 24. Despite the buzz surrounding the Apple Watch on Chinese social media, consumer attitudes toward the product seem lukewarm.

An online poll from CTR, to which 1,883 Chinese consumers responded, showed that 55 percent said they won’t buy the Apple Watch, while four percent said they would. The remaining 42 percent said they weren’t sure whether they would purchase the product or not.

Forty-one percent of respondents said they wouldn’t buy an Apple Watch because they don’t need one. Another 35 percent said that the watch was too expensive. Seven percent cited the product’s short battery life, six percent said they didn’t own an iPhone or Apple computer, and five percent said they didn’t like the brand.

Those who said they were considering buying an Apple Watch said they would do so because they were loyal fans of the brand (13 percent), they want to follow technological trends (16 percent), or because they want to try something new (19 percent).

Potential customers for the Apple Watch seem to be favoring buying in China. Recent launching campaigns for new Apple products have driven Chinese buyers to hire “overseas purchasing mules” to obtain the products from Apple’s earliest markets: Hong Kong, Japan, the US, or the UK. However, overseas purchasing channels were favored by only 14 percent of surveyed consumers. By contrast, 33 percent of potential buyers said they would purchase the Apple Watch from the company’s physical Chinese locations. An additional 26 percent said they would make their purchases on Apple’s official Chinese website, while 17 percent preferred Chinese e-retailers such as and Taobao.


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