The Shanghai Woman

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Shanghai, Gucci, Nanjing Road

Women in China are different. But similarities will emerge depending on where they are from. It is important to get acquainted with these women because they are the future spending powers of China. Who is the Shanghai woman?

Women in Shanghai display refined and cosmopolitan tastes in fashion, according to Nicole Zhang of fashion and lifestyle brand Nicole Zhang and one of the more prominent figures in the city’s fashion scene.

“Shanghai is very multicultural and international, perhaps even more so than many cities in East Asia because it has a long and deep-rooted history of being so cosmopolitan,” Zhang said in an interview with Glass. “It is hard to find a city in the world that is more international and exciting than modern Shanghai.”

Fashion-conscious Shanghainese women are very attuned to trends, and are surrounded by a wide array of influences. Because style in the city is “evolving all the time,” the Shanghainese are adept at absorbing all kinds of fashions and adapting them into their own personal looks. It is important to look proper, but it is also important to convey a sense of one’s personality through one’s clothes.

“Shanghainese women are worldly and discerning. They are sharp and shrewd,” Zhang says.

Shanghai has a reputation for fashion that “tends to be more polished than in other Chinese cities.” For this reason, Shanghainese style is reminiscent of Paris and New York. While some women in the fashion scene, in Zhang’s opinion, dress eccentrically “for the attention and shock value,” being able to dress for different occasions and present one’s self respectably is very important for the Shanghainese.

“Traditionally, more than anyone else in China, the Shanghainese have always been known to care a lot about their clothes and appearances.”

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