The Beijing Woman

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Women in China are different. But similarities will emerge depending on where they are from. It is important to get acquainted with these women because they are the future spending powers of China. Who is the Beijing woman?

The fashion-conscious Beijing woman is outgoing, direct, open-minded, according to Angelica Cheung, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China.

“The Beijing woman approaches fashion in a spirit of exploration and curiosity. They’re filled with interest and desire for what’s out there,” Cheung told Glass.

Beijing women have a drive to experiment and are “more open-minded in terms of embracing different styles.” This open-mindedness can be attributed to the fact that fashion consciousness is still relatively new to the city. International brands only began to build a presence in China two decades ago, and they have been entering the market with rising power over the past five years in particular.

“All these labels and influences which people in the West have been living with all their lives — they’re all new to the Chinese consumer and they are now pursuing the market powerfully,” Cheung said.

Despite the relative newness of international brands, the Beijing woman’s taste is evolving, and the fashion scene is quite diverse. Cosmopolitan shoppers prefer big-name brands like Mango and Zara, but smaller brands have found footholds in the city’s department stores and buyers’ boutiques. In older areas of the city, niche brands and homegrown labels are also experiencing success.

Over the past few years, Cheung has noticed the growing popularity of “smaller, more niche high-end labels” over larger luxury labels and a desire for items that are difficult to acquire. Beijing hosts affluent couture clients who purchase their apparel directly from Paris fashion shows and aspiring designers who go abroad to study their trade.  

“The scene here is much more varied than it’s given credit for,” Cheung says.

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