New Michael Kors App Provides Fans a ‘Jet Set’ Evening in Shanghai

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US fashion label Michael Kors inaugurated its flagship in Shanghai earlier this month by debuting the new Jet Set collection in an extravagant fashion show. Now, thanks to a new app, fashionistas who could not attend can experience the show for themselves.

The show was held in an airport hangar outside of Shanghai, and stressed the brand’s global ambitions, featuring top models from around the world and over 15,000 square feet of projection screens, including one screen that stood 44 feet high and 321 feet wide, that displayed Mr. Kors’s “favorite destinations,” according to The event also featured music by The Misshapes and Michael Kors’s “Musion Eyeliner” video projection system, which filled the show with stunning 3-D visuals and holograms. The Jet Set microsite live-streamed the show for Michael Kors fans all over the globe, and the company also launched their own app on WeChat that allowed local fans to attend the event.

app for customers, Jet Set collection, Michael Kors, MK360, shanghai, MK360 app,

The MK360 app gives mobile phone users an “intimate” recap of the show. The app begins with a shot of the Shanghai skyline, progresses through the city, and finally takes the user to the hangar show. The app provides a 360-degree look at the show, and users can customize their own Michael Kors experience.

app for customers, Jet Set collection, Michael Kors, MK360, shanghai, MK360 app,

“Our primary goal for the app was to allow fans to experience the entire Michael Kors Jet Set Experience via interactive 360-degree videos of the event,” Lisa Pomerantz, senior vice president of global communications and marketing at Michael Kors, New York, told

“The app lets people anywhere in the world join in the celebration, experiencing it firsthand,” Pomerantz said. “And we love the fact that viewers can personalize how they watch it. They can pan around, choose what they want to focus on, and situate themselves wherever they want to be within the event.

“Michael himself is very much about customizing the fashion experience and making it accessible, and this technology reflects the way that he talks to his customer.”

Michael Kors isn’t the only luxury brand to feature such an app for customers. Audi of America, for instance, recently held a similar launch for its entry-level A3 model, complete with holographic effects. Pop singers Janelle Monáe and M.I.A. performed in Los Angeles and New York, respectively, but shared the stage with each other in real time as holograms.

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