Lane Crawford Features Chinese Tastemakers for Fall Campaign

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Lane Crawford has launched a new campaign featuring six different stylists, designers, and magazine editors. The new fall/winter collection is known as “Worlds of Modern Living,” and uses online platforms and in-store marketing as a way to discuss what modernity means to their featured tastemakers. Like other brands, Crawford has taken to using curated content, a collaborative marketing approach, to try and obtain mass appeal.

Crawford isn’t the first to use well-known tastemakers to jog sales and boost interest. Brands, such as Harrods and Louis Vuitton, have been using models, bloggers, designers and other notable figures, to curate online content and endorse their collections.

Brian Brunk, a partner at Boston Retail Partners, told Luxury Daily, “Lane Crawford strategically selected the right individuals to represent its ‘Worlds of Modern Living’ fall collection based on their image and status in China’s fashion and design scene.” Brunk commented on the allure of tastemakers saying, “The spokespeople are all young, hip, stylish and are prominent designers, stylists and artists that enhance the image of the Lane Crawford and the collection.”

The six tastemakers have been introduced on Lane Crawford’s website through a variety campaign videos, GIFs, links to shop specific designer’s items, as well as individual profiles.

What makes the campaign unique is that each tastemaker brings something different to the project. Some are stylists, others are magazine editors and industrial designers—but, all are esteemed in their industry.

Leaf Greener, China Vogue senior fashion editor
Beijing-born street style darling. Greener is one of China’s most high profile style experts and a permanent fixture on the international fashion show circuit for over six years. Her individual style has led her to work with some of fashion’s most esteemed names from Karl Lagerfeld to Chen Man. The profile of Greener features a video that shows her home life and inspiration for her project, “World of Simple Love.” She talks about her personal style and favorite brands and fall pieces, including Dior and Marni.

Gaultier Chen, Esquire China’s fashion director
One of China’s leading style authorities and has over the last decade, witnessed first hand China’s menswear evolution. Chen contributed “World of Transformation,” a video of a surreal fashion show, digitally via an in-store display. His profile shares his top choices for menswear including Alexander McQueen and Givenchy.

Lucia Lui, Stylist
Liu’s fresh and visionary approach to fashion quickly established her as one of China’s most sought-after stylists. She has worked with some of the industry’s most high profile photographers and magazines. Lui’s fall choices comprise of mostly black, menswear inspired pieces from Stella McCartney and Kenzo. Her contribution is known as “World of Girl Power.”

Zhoujie Zhang, Industrial designer
From his eponymous Shanghai studio, Zhang produces innovative steel designs that are crafted by a combination of computer led creation and traditional craft. Zhang, like Chen, chose to incorporate digital elements in his display which puts to use mirrored mannequins. His arrangement also includes a video tour of his home studio.

Cui Dan, GQ China’s fashion director
Dan has been instrumental in bringing menswear to the forefront of China’s new style generation. His “World of Modern Intelligence” exhibit shows a man dining at a table while miscellaneous hands serve him. The video utilizes a lot of audio and suspenseful music while also playing with surrealist details.

Naihan Li, Product designer
Harbin-born designer Li studied design and architecture at London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. She moved back to Beijing to hone her skills further while working at celebrated artist Ai Weiwei’s studio. Li took a more tangible approach with her in-store display. Her Lane Crawford designs are a part of a furniture line inspired by shipping crates. Her pieces are known as: The Edit, The Boardroom, The Living Room, and The Wardrobe. Each is intended to show the multifaceted and modern ways space is manipulated in apartment living.

Brunk summed up the entertainment value of such an interactive campaign this way: “The luxury collection of modern styles presented in a retail theatrical experience that is associated with fashion icons reinforces Lane Crawford’s exclusive, premium brand status that keeps fashion-forward customers captivated.”

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