Lady Gaga’s Stylist is Promoting Emerging Chinese Designers

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Many wonder when the Chinese will embrace a home-grown luxury brand.

The answer is simple – when a Chinese luxury brand gains recognition and acceptance on the global stage.  Chinese consumers need validation.

Getting global attention is not easy. It takes fashion powerbrokers in the West to start promoting emerging Chinese designers.

Of course, promoting Chinese design talents benefits the West as much as the East, but the biggest beneficiary is FASHION itself.

We saw Anna Wintour of Vogue taking up the “fashion ambassadorship” last November with her China trip.

Now Lady Gaga’s favorite stylist and Thierry Mugler designer, Nicola Formichetti, has decided to bring recognition to emerging Chinese designers in New York City during NY Fashion Week.

Formichetti is showcasing nine young Chinese designers in his new (and much buzzed) pop-up concept store, NICOLA’s, in downtown Manhattan from September 9 – 22.

Styling looks are created by emerging Chinese designers such as  Shao Yen Chen, Qiu Hao, Joseph Li, Masha Ma, Uma Wang, Du Yang, Jin Chongyu, Xiao Yu and Huishan Zhang.

Formichetti partnered with China’s Modern Weekly and artist Yi Zhou for this ambitious and visionary Chinese designer presentation.

He is showing a “East-Meets-West” themed short film, created with Zhou, that will play on display screens throughout the store.

“For my pop-up store I wanted to create a living, breathing organism with multiple inspirations that change daily,” Formichetti said. “We wanted to merge East meets West. I wanted to be able to invite all the Chinese people, no matter if they are in New York or not.”

Formichetti’s store is filled with cool items from Japan, Uniqlo, and creations he did for Mugler, Lady Gaga, among others.

Formichetti, himself, will be helping out at the store for the two weeks the pop-up is open.

photo credit: hannah thompson, rackedny, rachel been

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