British Fashion Brand Gieves & Hawkes Gets a Modern Makeover

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Trinity, Li & Fung, British fashion brand

British fashion brand Gieves & Hawkes has been given an image makeover since being acquired by Hong Kong-based company Trinity Ltd  in 2012.

Trinity previously served as Gieves & Hawkes’s Asian distributor and opened 95 Chinese stores for the brand by 2012, a number which now exceeds 100. The 205-year-old luxury brand supplies clothing to the Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the bodyguards to the British monarch.

To make the brand more appealing to modern audiences, Trinity hired Jason Basmajian as Gieves & Hawkes’s new creative director. Under his direction, the brand has been modernized and internationalized for consumers in China, where the brand has displayed its greatest international growth in recent years. Basmajian sees his new work as “speaking an international language but keeping the accent British.”

“We are about elegance,” Basmajian tells “There’s a bit of timelessness, but I think men want to feel modern, and they want to feel younger, and the cuts are all very flattering, so it’s very precise cuts and very modern.”

Basmajian’s most recent project for Gieves & Hawkes is a collection for spring and summer 2015, which takes its color schemes from the hues of Britain’s seascapes, such as blue, teal blue, brown, gray, and navy. The collection includes an array of clothing, from sports outfits to formal suits, with a large focus on knitwear and outerwear. Suits are made from “more relaxed fabrics,” such as linen silk blends and cotton and wool blends, and combined with jersey and knitwear.

“The British seaside has a very different mood than, say, the Mediterranean,” Basmajian notes. “So we were very much into this moody kind of rich tones, the navies, the teal blues, the saturated colors. I think that this was for me very masculine and very British.”

Basmajian is optimistic about the brand’s new direction and its global implications.

“I think Trinity realized that this is an amazing brand with so much opportunity globally, that we need a new team, a new creative direction, and we need to elevate the brand and evolve it.”



image credit: gieves & hawkes

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