British Polo Day Arrives in China

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The Beijing International Polo Open Tournament, a World Polo Tour event, and the Beijing British Polo Day will take place on Saturday September 17th 2011 at the Beijing Sunny Times Polo Club.

Some of the most influential polo playing nations in the world will be there: Britain, Argentina and New Zealand.

The Beijing International Polo Open Tournament started in 2009 by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and is the only authorized international polo tournament supported by the Chinese government.

This year, the final day of the tournament will also be combined with the first “Beijing British Polo Day“, a celebration of Sino-UK relations.

VIP guests consisting of elite British businessmen and their Chinese counterparts will be treated to a British “Tea” served by the Intercontinental Financial Street, Beijing, while watching the British polo team enter the competition for the first time. The British team itself is comprised of players some of Britain’s well known institutions, including players from Oxford University and the British Cavalry. It will be a quintessentially British Day.

Tom Hudson, co-founder of British Polo Day, said “Polo has been played in China for centuries. The modern game as we know it was reborn by British Cavalry officers in the 19th Century who spread the game from Argentina to New Zealand. This event is testament to that: the A-Z of world polo and a celebration of the history and heritage of its origins. It is fitting that these four nations should be competing in a British Polo Day here in Beijing.”

British Polo Day encapsulates the history, heritage and tradition of the game of polo. It combines the traditions of Wimbledon, the exhilaration of Royal Ascot and the all day-experience of Lords with the world’s oldest sport in a quintessentially British day.

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