2013 S/S Shanghai Fashion Week Preview

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SH Fashion Week

The 2013 S/S Shanghai Fashion Week will be held from October 18th to October 24th at the Taiping Lake in Xintiandi, Shanghai. The bi-annual Shanghai Fashion Week is part of the month long Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival.  A business and cultural event, Shanghai Fashion Week serves as a platform to connect top international and local fashion and design talents.

Here is a preview of some of the local Chinese designers that will be at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Neither Nor

Neither Nor is a brand by One By One Studio. Founded in 2004, One By One Studio opened the first independent designer collection store in China, One By One Boutique. The store sells ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women and has gained a great reputation and widespread attractions due to its unique design and visual interests in the “minimalist avant-garde”.  The Boutique’s success has led to more store opening in the Mainland.

The designs of Neither Nor portray free and independent urban women. With Ms. Wang Chuqiao as the design director, the brand stands out from the rest with its low-key styles and endless charm.

Rachelle Jim

Originally a civil engineering and architecture graduate, Rachelle Jim decided to move to Shanghai in 2004 to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. The ambitious designer started her own label in 2005, focusing on women’s dresses and evening wear. Through a journey of tireless experiments and endless self-discovery, Rachelle found her signature style with emphasis on the subtleties of texture, construction, and form.

Rachelle won the Designer Brand Award for China Creative Design Contest in September 2011. In September, selected pieces from her 2012/2013 Fall/Winter collection were exhibited at the Paris Fashion Week’s “China in Paris” event. She has also built a strong clientele of Chinese celebrities and models.


Launched in the autumn of 2005, Croquis is a menswear brand under the Hangzhou JNBY Finery Co. Ltd. The brand’s target customers are men between the ages of 25 and 35 who have “acute perceptions and insights of life, design and arts”. The brand philosophy is about seeking equilibrium status between inner spirit and outer life, past and future, music and architecture. As implied in its name, the design of Croquis evolves from simple strokes and quick sketches. In addition to its mainland retailers, Croquis has also opened stores in Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore.

La Vie

A luxury designer brand from Shanghai, La Vie seeks to deliver one essential message – happiness. The brand values lifestyle, womanhood, originality, and celebration, but draws inspiration from all elements of daily life.

The designer Li Cheng showcased her designs for the first time in Europe during the 2012 F/W London Fashion Week. Her design style is a mix of Chinese chic and modern wit, traditions tempered with intelligence and humor. La Vie is her main line of luxurious casual ready-wear, and she also has a custom-made Couture line, The Wedding by La Vie. Since Li founded her label in 2002, La Vie has opened a flagship and a concept store in Shanghai and uses distributors overseas.

Judy Hua

Judy Hua was founded in 2004 by Hua Juan, the brand’s creative director. Hua aims to provide those who love art and fashion with dresses to express their feelings and tastes. Through her designs, she conveys the poetic ways of life. Her haute couture dresses have wooed the hearts of many socialites, and her ready-to-wear line is often the highlight of local parties and fashion magazines. A fan of Valentino dresses herself, Hua’s dresses are not loud, and do make clear statements of inner power and elegance.

Shanghai 2013 S/S Fashion Week’s full event schedule can be found here.


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