Mandarin Oriental Creates Buzz with ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice’ Campaign

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Luxury is embracing social media. More and more luxury companies are using creative and targeted social media campaigns to raise engagement and brand awareness.

Recently, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group launched a new social media campaign to showcase the diverse tastes of a single dish served across its Asian locations.

Foodies on Facebook are invited to follow Mandarin Oriental on a virtual food tour across the hotel’s properties in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Chinese city of Sanya. Each location serves Hainanese Chicken Rice, but each also prepares the dish with its own twist. Followers are asked to examine the chicken’s “evolving taste profile” and to imagine a “foodie itinerary” if they won their own stays at the Mandarin properties, telling about their planned vacations in 500 words and tagging a friend to bring along for the trip.

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The contest runs through July 31, and answers will be judged according to relevance to Asian food culture and creativity. Winners will receive a one night stay in the Mandarin Oriental’s Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Sanya locations and will be announced in September.

According to Edwin Kluender, director of communications for Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, the campaign was the brainchild of Ms. Aqua Chiu, the social media manager for the same property, who realized that a few of Asia’s Mandarin hotels served the same dish “but with their own local sense of flavor.”

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“The contest is to bring our guests and fans through this journey and discover the various flavors,” Kluender said in an interview with Luxury Daily.

She went on to explain that the hotel group’s attention to its cuisine reflects its larger mission to provide “21st-Century luxury with Oriental charm.” Mandarin features 10 restaurants and bars, three of which have Michelin stars.

“Our guests join us not only to relax or be invigorated at our spas, experience luxury in our guest rooms, but also to experience the best in customer service and food quality in our various restaurants where all the senses are touched.”

Mandarin’s Facebook contest is just one of the many innovative approaches hotels and eateries are taking to promote their food to discerning connoisseurs.

Leading Hotels of the World, for instance, is playing to its customers’ environmental concerns, offering food produced by sustainable farms over large-scale farming systems that negatively affect the environment. Harrods, a London department store, is capitalizing on the popularity of sharing photos of meals on Twitter, encouraging consumers to share their dining experiences during an unofficial “Restaurant Week.”

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