Beijing’s 10 Most Expensive Restaurants

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As the capital, Beijing is the political and cultural center of China and the country’s second-largest city. With over 21 million people, Beijing is home to thousands of restaurants from noodle stands to Michelin-rated restaurants. China Daily listed these are the most expensive restaurants in Beijing:

1. Kyoto Kaden Minokichi Kaiseki-Ryori in Pangu Hotel Serving the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, kaiseki, Beijing’s most expensive restaurant is in the city’s only seven-star hotel. Kaiseki is both an art and a food, which uses only seasonal ingredients and is prepared by master Japanese chefs. Cost: $1,159.29 per person.

2. Diaoyutai State Guest Restaurant Offering a secluded dining experience amid the cacophony of Beijing, this restaurant serves Chinese food at its best. Until 1980, the restaurant only served visiting dignitaries, but has been open to the public since then. Cost: $222.01 per person.

Haidian District, Diaoyutai State Guest Restaurant, Beijing, most expensive restaurants in Beijing

3. Heritage in Wanda Plaza Located in the Chaoyang District in Wanda Plaza, the massive shopping and business complex that is also home to the five-star Sofitel Wanda Hotel, Heritage serves authentic French cuisine. Cost: $155.49 per person.

4. NOBU Beijing Co-owned by Japanese master chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa and actor Robert De Niro, NOBU Beijing serves Japanese cuisine with a South American twist. The restaurant is located in the JW Marriott Hotel in the Chaoyang District. Cost: $152.74 per person.

5. China Grill Located on the 66th floor of the Park Hyatt in the heart of Beijing’s central business district, China Grill offers incredible views of the entire city. Cost: $130.79 per person.

China Grill, Park Hyatt, Beijing, central business district, Beijing's most expensive restaurants

6. The Zen Japanese Restaurant With strict ingredient selection, an authentic sushi experience, and secluded dining, this is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Beijing. It is located in the Dongcheng District. Cost: $127.99 per person.

7. Oyster Talks Located just outside the Beijing Worker’s Stadium in the Chaoyang District, this specialty restaurant primarily serves raw oysters that are imported from France and New Zealand. Cost: $105.55 per person.

8. Faigo Hotpot Also located in the Chaoyang District, this high-end seafood hotpot restaurant has its ingredients delivered directly from Hong Kong. Cost: $100.45 per person.

9. Opera Bombana Beijing Boasting a 3-star Michelin-rated head chef, Umberto Bombana, this restaurant offers authentic Northern Italian cuisine and an elegant dining experience. Cost: $90.86 per person.

Beijing, Opera Bombana, Umberto Bombana, Michelin star, most expensive restaurants in Beijing

10. King’s Joy With a core concept that healthy food promotes health and vitality, King’s Joy is famous for its vegetarian food and delicate dim sum. Cost: $68.10 per person.

image credit: leo chen, china daily

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