Fewer Chinese Contribute to China’s E-Commerce Boom Than You Think

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Not every Chinese contributes to China’s e-commerce boom. But that may not matter. Given China’s size, even a subset of the population can be larger than some countries.

A recent survey of Chinese internet consumers, conducted by New Zealand’s Lincoln University, found that well-educated consumers are more likely to shop online. Among this group, well-educated women are the most likely to shop online when compared to their male counterparts, reports China Daily.

The trend of well-educated online shoppers makes sense because they are among those who are the most computer literate and have greater access to internet technology.

Despite spending 1 billion hours per day online as a population, very few Chinese consumers make purchases online.

“What’s particularly interesting about China, however, is not only how little is known about e-shopping behaviors, but how few Chinese consumers relative to the country’s population actually use the Internet for their purchases,” senior lecturer Michael Clemes said.

Even among the high-income Chinese consumers, the survey found that they were less likely to make purchases online. Possible reasons? Their desire to examine these high-priced items in the store as well as their preference for in-store services.

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