Chinese E-tailers Offer Google Glass Before Public Release

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While Google’s newest creation, Google Glass, has yet to be released publicly, online retailers in China are already selling the high tech gadget.

Aside from a recent one-day sale, Google has not offer Google Glass to the masses, rather the corporation has been selling the new technology by invitation only and at a cost of $1500. Somehow, this hasn’t deterred China’s online companies, like Alibaba’s Taobao, from getting their hands on the product.

The Wall Street Journal reports that merchants on Taobao are buying the codes (provided by Google) from those with invitations and then buying directly from the company.

While sales have been slow, those selling the glasses are making a profit by asking above retail price. Chinese e-tailers are selling Google Glass for approximately 12,000-20,000 yuan ($1,950-$3,252).

Although Google Glass is being offered by many Chinese sellers, some are worried about the compatibility of its software. Major concerns include whether it will be able to work with China’s firewall and whether the system will support the Chinese language.

Despite the fact that Google Glass is being made available to the Chinese population at-large, it seems that for now it will just be considered a commodity. Some Taobao retailers, like Wang Chengpeng, said they believe that interest may peak once the glasses become more affordable.

Though Chengpeng did think the glasses were cool, he was quick to point out some of their flaws. “It’s not waterproof, it’s still heavy compared to normal glasses, and the battery only lasts for three hours. Also, the software is not that practical. I think innovators can try on Google Glass, but common people should wait,” he said.


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