Over 9 in 10 luxury travellers from China travelled to Asian countries in the past 12 months

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Chinese tourists are known to be high spenders and one of the biggest contributors to the growth of global tourism. Findings from a recent GfK study conducted amongst high earning, well-educated Chinese revealed that 93 percent have travelled within the Asian region in the past one year, and nearly half (47%) chose to go to countries in Southeast Asia-making it the most visited region for leisure trips amongst this group of people.

GfK presented these these insights at the recent China Luxury Travel Forum organised by Travel and Leisure magazine in Shanghai on 26 November.

Around four-fifth (80%) of all respondents said they took leisure trips around and outside of China at least twice and up to 4 times in the past one year, spending an average of USD 5,800 on flight and accomodation and USD 5,600 on miscellaneous purchases during each trip.

The GfK Luxury Travelers online survey commissioned by Travel and Leisure magazine polled a representative group of Chinese travellers with high household income (USD10,000 and above) in October to November this year with the objectives of gaining deeper insights into the behaviour, attitudes, and consumption patterns of luxury travellers in the country.

According to the survey, 86 percent of them utilise the internet to search for information while planning for their vacation. Over 7 in 10 said they booked their air tickets(73%) and hotels (70%) using a computer, while a lesser proportion of 20 and 25 percent respectively used their mobile phones to complete their bookings for the same purposes. The more traditional methods of contacting call centres and physically going to the store made up less than 5 percent for hotels and flights bookings.

Read more at Travel Daily News.

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