Fake luxury goods market in China moves to WeChat

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China’s fake luxury goods industry is taking its business to a new level by selling “replicas” through social media platforms, reports the Guangdong-based Southern Daily.

Imitation luxury goods including high quality handbags and wallets are nothing new in China but recently vendors have begun selling so-called “replicas” that are so close to the real thing that even staff at legitimate stores can’t tell the difference.

Another new trend is to advertise products through chat forums and social media and communication platforms, many of which provide direct links to the vendors’ personal accounts on WeChat — or Wexin in China — a popular mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent.

Selling through social media is said to be less conspicuous than the retail stalls and e-business platforms and thus also much more difficult to supervise.

Some of the vendors are honest in advertising their goods as high quality replicas, while others pass themselves off as legitimate businesses from Hong Kong or the United States offering VIP discounts to Chinese customers.

Read more at Want China Times.

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