Desert gold: Chinese flock to Dubai to find their fortune

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Large numbers of Chinese people have been flocking to Dubai, joining their compatriots already in the emirate boasting a great life, in order to cash in on the ample business opportunities resulting from the city’s rapid economic recovery and massive investments associated with the World’s Fair 2020, according to Shanghai’s China Business News.

The rush will further expand the already ubiquitous presence of Chinese people who now account for 10% of Dubai’s total residency, coming a close second to the 13% population of local natives.

Chinese people working in Dubai can be classified into three major types: small-merchandise traders, dispatched staffers of Chinese businesses, and gold-rush pursuers seeking to realize their dreams of fortune away from failures at home. The last group works mainly in the fields of travel, marketing, and hotels, according to local Chinese.

“Thanks to the increasingly close economic relationship between China and Dubai, there has been great demand for Chinese-speaking staffers, making it rather easy for Chinese people, whatever their educational background, to find a job with decent income,” noted a local Chinese tour guide, according to China Business News.

The woman, a junior high graduate and jobless in her home in northeastern China, came to Dubai along with her husband five years ago and is collecting monthly pay equivalent to 14,000 yuan (US$2,300) simply by escorting Chinese tourists from the airport to hotels and arranging accommodation. “Those capable of speaking English can easily earn over 20,000 yuan (US$3,250) a month,” she said.

Read more at Want China Times.

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