BMW extends Art Basel partnership by sponsoring global artistic journey

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German automaker BMW is sponsoring creativity with the awarding of its first Art Journey in collaboration with Art Basel Hong Kong, which was given to Hong Kong-based Samson Young.

BMW will be documenting and sharing Mr. Young’s tour of five continents with consumers, as he works on his “For Whom the Bell Tolls: A Journey Into the Sonic History of Conflict” project, focusing on the relationship between the military and the musical instruments. Supporting creative minds allows automakers to subtly broadcast their own ingenuity and attention to aesthetics.

Mr. Young was inspired by the cyclical pairing of bells and cannons. When at war, nations would melt bells to create cannons, and when peace was restore, the bells would be reset out of the melted weapons leftover from the conflict.

To complete the project, the artist will journey to visit bells and research institutions in Myanmar, Kenya, Austria, Cologne, Morocco, Sicily, South Korea, Australia and several cities in the United Kingdom and United States. Here, he will draw on his experience as a composer, recording the sounds of iconic bells and turning them into an auditory archive, a set of “sound sketches,” a new set of bells cast in bronze and an original musical piece for bell ringers and orchestra.

Along the way, BMW will publish highlights of his trip through print, online and social media.

Read more at Luxury Daily.

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