Topshop Partners with for China Debut

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Topshop has launched in China digitally rather than through physical stores, becoming one of the first major global retailers do this.

The fashion forward retailer has partnered with luxury multi-brand e-commerce retailer for its China debut. The e-tailer is officially introducing Topshop to Chinese online shoppers with a mobile fashion experience, ‘The Mobile Adventure.’

To kick off the partnership, which was announced in August, more than 5,000 shoppers descended on The Place mall in Beijing for the two-day event. Before entering the mall, participants were required to sign in on their mobile phone and enable QR code sharing., ecommerce in china, luxury ecommerce
Once inside, it is all about virtually trying on outfits and sharing photos on social media. Shoppers were greeted by a super-sized smartphone that displayed over 300 Topshop outfits that could be purchased through their QR codes for next-day delivery.

“We wanted to introduce Topshop to China in a way that had never been done before by any brand or retailer,” said David Zhao, CEO of ShangPin. “For China’s young consumers, who were born in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and spend up to 30 percent of their day online or on mobile, it was only fitting that we do it through a bold experience that seamlessly merged the physical and virtual worlds. This is how we live in China today.”

Danielle Payne, Topshop’s style adviser, was also onsite to provide advice to shoppers and host daily “Personal Shopping and Styling” shows.

“Today’s young Chinese consumers have an appetite for luxury,” added Zhao. “But unlike their parents, fashion for them is about more than logos. This new generation of Chinese consumer is looking to fashion as a means of self-expression and is seeking a more egalitarian mix of designer and high street brands, merging the two into a single look. Topshop, and our growing roster of Western brands, are perfectly positioned to answer this growing demand.”

Topshop CEO Sir Philip Green said of the partnership, “Working with ShangPin has allowed us to directly and effectively connect with the Chinese consumer in a way that would not be possible through a traditional brick and mortar presence.” He added, “The consumers we are trying to reach are doing all of their shopping online and on their phone.”

Since launching its mobile app last year, 40 percent of ShangPin’s sales have been through mobile. In addition to e-commerce, the app features 300 Topshop looks per month, and all styles are shareable on social media, including WeChat and Weibo.

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