Top 10 Luxury Fashion Brands in China

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Heavily influenced by fashion advertising and magazines for over two decades, wealthy Chinese consumers are no longer naïve admirers of just any big logos. They have developed their favorite luxury retailers.

The top 10 luxury fashion brands favored by Chinese:


For Italian, everything Chinese is exotic, and vice versa. The brand is especially popular among Chinese young adults for its brave and cas-cool style.

2.  POLO (Ralph Lauren)

POLO T-shirts are widely favored by middle class men in China as it feels more comfortable than shirts but great as business attire. With its classic design and quality, POLO is a good choice for office wear.


Vuitton is probably the most recognized luxury brand in China. Not as popular among the fun-loving younger set, Vuitton is beloved by the more mature generation, who admire its royal background, quality and the trademark design.


Gucci is the ultra luxury brand for the younger generation who is attracted to its dynamic, stylish designs ensconed by a high-end image.


Chanel is classic, lady-like and will never be outdated. A simple Chanel dress can be passed on to the daughter, the granddaughter, the grand granddaughter and on.

6.  DIOR

Dior is adored by frequent party participants. Why? A woman in Dior always stands out in a room.


Prada may be understated among all the luxury designs, but it’s practical. This appeals to the practical Chinese women looking for understated luxury.


Very New York, very sophisticated, Calvin Klein has been preferred by China’s urban men and women for a long time.


When life is getting a little bit dull, how about some dazzle? Time to turn to Versace, whose designs assure you have pizazz.


When it comes to fur, Chinese women look to Fendi.



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6 Responses to Top 10 Luxury Fashion Brands in China

  1. giacomo says:

    seeing D&G first makes me wonder about the refinement of chines upper-class

  2. The Maosuit says:

    The title of you article sounded very interesting, but in all truth it lacks any substance. Is this top ten list based on any proper data or just your casual observations?

    While I agree that polo shirts are widely favoured by men, I strongly disagree that Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the top 10 brands. Polo RL is currently relaunching their brand in China and has a very limited store presence. On the other hand, brands like Zegna which have three different lines and over 60 stores accross China and do extremeley well in the mens wear business didnt even feature on your list.

  3. Wang Fangqing says:

    The Maosuit,

    Thanks for your comment. The list is based on a survey jointly conducted by World Brand Organization, US-China Economic Trade & Investment General Chamber of Commerce and World Union of VIP Enterprises. The list was announced in Feb this year in Tokyo.

    I agree with you that RL is re-planning their business in China, but Polo RL is a highly popular brand in China. The number of stores do not necessarily indicate popularity of a brand. There are many ways to get Polo shirts aside from their stores.

    Again, the list is about reputation, not about sales.

  4. luxury_researcher says:

    this is not a list that should be publicised! first of all, Polo RL is not even in the same category as others! if the research is done by quantitative survey, then it’s not even well designed! chinese are lack of luxury education and this is going to confuse them more, it’s not good for the long term luxury market development in China, and I’m sure if anyone from RL saw this they wouldn’t be happy because inivitably they would want consumers to percieve RL as the ultimate luxury but not Polo, profit is one thing, but brand building is the way to a long term success in a market. I strongly recommend more realiable market research companies’ data than certain organisations that often come up with things out of certain reporters’ heads! sorry a bit harsh but I’m a specialist researcher in the luxury field and currently focusing on China so I feel very strongly about reports in this field. please get in touch if you want to talk more about luxury in China. thanks!

    • Red Luxury says:

      thanks — your points are well taken. when speaking of luxury, there are definitely tiers. fashion houses often offer collections for luxury consumers of different price points – couture, ready-to-wear, bridge, etc. polo is definitely more attainable.

      the list in this post was from a survey jointly conducted by World Brand Organization, US-China Economic Trade & Investment General Chamber of Commerce and World Union of VIP Enterprises.

  5. geminium says:

    “TOP 10 LUXURY FASHION BRANDS IN CHINA” contains seriously flawed and disappointing content.

    It seems that this listing presumes that the mainland luxury consumer does not understand fashion branding and luxury fashion branding differentiation. RL, CK and D&C in the same breath with LV and Chanel?

    Clearly, RL Polo and Calvin Klein are great fashion brands but hardly meet any measurable or emotional critera that would classify them as luxury fashion brands. Polo shirts, jeans and tee shirts are luxury fashion? Maybe Wolford, La Perla and Derek Rose, but certainly not RL and CK.

    How would it possible to assimilate such a listing and not include Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Gieves & Hawkes? Or the French houses of Hermes, Lanvin and Givenchy? Or Italians Armani, Missoni, and Ferragamo? Or Japanese designers Miyake, Yamamoto and Kawabuko? And what about Zegna? Zegna Couture is a premier luxury fashion brand ranking with Kiton and Brioni as a bespoke tailor and as a complete collection must be one of the most successful fashion brands in China!

    These above luxury fashion designers are all well represented in mainland China and have far stronger credentials in the luxury fashion market. Luxury fashion brands are not defined by the number of boutiques or retail outlets. They are defined first and foremost by their raison d’etre, quality, brand promise and exclusivity.

    When publishing such a headline and list of this nature, one expects market data, qualitative research or compelling information. I am sorry, but this list is completely void of any useful information at all. More than likely, it is detrimental to the understanding and development luxury fashion brands in China.

    In short, I find your listing, ranking and the “Prada is understated and practical” comment absurd. Better to publish no information at all than to publish rubbish like this.

    I should hope that Red Luxury may seriously review this kind of article with it’s misinformation and basic lack of brand understanding in future. Proper development of the mainland China luxury market is largely dependent on proper information, education and communication. Red Luxury has really missed the mark in providing credible information in this instance.

    Regards, G

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