The Rolex Experience Comes to Shanghai

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Rolex, the pinnacle of tradition, quality, and timelessness in luxury timepieces, looks to establish itself in China in high-style, taking up residence at the House of Roosevelt at number 27 on the Bund in Shanghai.

The space covers more than 800 square meters of the House of Roosevelt, with window displays on the ground floor facing the Bund, and embodies far more than a retail store. In the highly competitive luxury watch market in China, Rolex is creating a platform to demonstrate the brand’s legacy, superiority, and philosophy — brand immersion of sorts.

The Rolex Winding Crown at the Entrance to the Heart of Rolex. Photos Provided by Rolex/ Jean-Daniel Meyer

The site, called The Rolex Experience, has been designed to share the company’s history, quality, and expertise in three different stages through an engaging and interactive experience.

The Heart of Rolex:
The first stage allows visitors to explore the brand’s universe through six different stations: Heritage, Four Sites for Perfection, The Oyster, Performance, Partnerships, and lastly The Rolex Institute, which represents the brand’s philanthropic or otherwise non-commercial endeavors. The stations engage viewers with high-end technology like 330-degree panoramic film, plasma screens, directional speakers, 3D animations, and an infrared system for navigating menus. This interactive tour highlights the innovations, milestones, and partnerships that have cemented Rolex’s place as a leader in consumer luxury.

The Pulse of Rolex:
With the history under their belts, the second stage is a dynamic and evolving space that showcases temporary themed exhibits. Here, Rolex will also host celebrities from culture and entertainment, Rolex’s clients and partners, and provide exclusive presentations of the brand’s most recent models, including the latest Rolex models from BaselWorld 2011 that are currently on display.

The Gallery:
This final stage of The Rolex Experience is designed to create a lasting impression on visitors. The Gallery is an intimate salon drenched in soft light where guests can marvel at 200 exceptional timepieces. The lighting displays the watches, which are grouped according to their specific functions and universes, to the best effects, setting off the diamonds, precious stones, and sleek finishes that characterize them.

Rolex hopes this retail experience will kickstart a greater brand affinity for Rolex in China.

In recent years, Rolex’s global retail growth strategy has not been particularly clear; regardless, one thing is certain: success in emerging markets is very important to the company. Of course, China is on the top of the list.

photo credit: rolex

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