Shanghai To Get Largest Apple Store in China

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Apple store, Shanghai,

China’s fifth and largest Apple store is coming this summer to Shanghai. That is great news for China’s diehard iPhone and iPad fans. Apple’s existing two stores in Beijing and two stores in Shanghai are always packed.

With just four stores in mainland China, access to Apple stores is difficult because it is like “having one store service the entire population of the US.” As it is now, some consumers may have to wait weeks or months to buy an iPhone or iPad, unless they are willing to approach a less scrupulous gray market. The other option is asking a relative or friend going overseas to bring one back.

A new and bigger store is good news for Apple fans, but it’s better for Apple. Consider this:

  • Apple’s existing four stores are its busiest in the world
  • The stores average 40,000 visitors a day, more than four times the traffic of its US stores
  • China brings Apple not only the most store traffic but the highest revenue of any other stores in the world
  • Revenue from Greater China reached $2.6 billion, four times the revenue a year earlier
  • China has more subscribers to mobile phones and Internet users than any other nation
  • China has the second greatest number of personal computer users

Yet, there will not be a proliferation of Apple stores in China. That’s simply not Apple’s strategy. In fact, speaking to Beijing Youth Daily, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail, Ron Johnson, said Apple’s schedule to open 25 stores in China this year may be scaled back in favor of larger stores.

Apple’s latest supersize store will be located on Shanghai’s bustling Nanjing Road, which has earned the reputation of being the city’s busiest shopping street.



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photo credit: photo giddy

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