Penfolds’ Priciest Cabernet Creation is a Piece of Art

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To wow luxury consumers, especially the Chinese, companies are getting creative and innovative with their product offerings.

To punctuate luxury and exclusivity, Australian wine maker Penfolds unveiled a limited edition wine that comes in its own custom-made glass vessel.

Targeting high-end Chinese wine collectors, the company touted that wine placed in a glass-blown vessel or “ampoule” is perfect for aging.

“We understand as winemakers that there is a lot of controversy sometimes surrounding whether your wine is under cork or screwcap and the differences between the two. This is a little bit of an experiment to put a wine into a scientific glass-blown vessel, or ampoule, that has no opening and closure,” said Penfolds winemaker Stephanie Dutton.

Each of these 750ml wines sells for $168,000. “It’s filled with a wine that is incredibly rare … vines that are the oldest continuously producing cabernet vines in the world, planted in the 1880s,” says Dutton. The glass vessel contains Penfolds’ 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Penfolds has created 12 of these handmade vessels — 11 for sale globally and one reserved for the company’s museum.

An extra touch of service: Penfolds will send one of its winemakers to open the wine for the owner when he or she decides to drink it.


photo credit: penfolds

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