Patek Philippe Establishes Foothold in China, Adds Beijing Maison

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Patek Philippe, Beijing, Beijing Maison,

Watch maker Patek Philippe has added a maison flagship in Beijing to its list of impressive locations. The store, which opened in late May, is the second Maison Patek Philippe in the world following the opening of its Shanghai locale.

In Chinese, “Maison” is translated as “Yuan Di”. The Maison Patek Philippe Beijing is located in the cultural rich history neighborhood of Ch’ien Men.

The Beijing and Shanghai maisons are reminiscent of Philippe’s French and British salons.

Though the exterior of the 500sqm building remains in the neoclassical style — a reflection of its former role as a consulate—the interior exudes European opulence. Inside Retail Asia reports that designer Gerdi Stern had custom-made furniture, decor, and art imported from France, Belgium and a number of other European nations.

Patek Philippe, Beijing Maison, Beijing,

Looking at its decor, one must remind themselves that the Patek Philippe maison is in fact a business. Though the luxurious interiors are reminiscent of a five star hotel or royal estate, the aim is merely to soothe clients as they peruse top-line timepieces.

The new  Beijing maison, like the company’s Shanghai maison, shows the brand’s current collection in glass-cased galleries. The store also has two VIP rooms which show exclusive and limited edition pieces.

Patek Philippe, Beijing, Beijing maison

Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern said that the European atmosphere of the Asian locations has proven comforting.

“The Maison Patek Philippe Beijing has followed the vision of its Shanghai counterpart, highlighting a remarkable display of beautiful timepieces with an invitation to experience the 175-year history and values of Patek Philippe as well as its high level customer service. We have bridged the vast geographical distance between Europe and China and created a new Patek Philippe home away from home,” Stern declared.

This is only Patek Philippe’s ninth year in the Chinese market, a relative newcomer.

Patek Philippe in China: Major Milestones
2005: Patek Philippe first entered the Chinese market
2005: Opening of a Patek Philippe Boutique in Shanghai
2008: Opening of a second Patek Philippe Boutique in Beijing
2012: Opening of the Maison Patek Philippe Shanghai
2013: Opening of the Patek Philippe Institute Shanghai
2014: Opening of the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing

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