Eco-Friendly Fashion Catches On in China

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The new buzzword in China luxury is ‘sustainability’ given the recent spate of news of eco-friendly products and initiatives coming to market.

Chinese fashion labels are joining this green trend and getting more eco-conscious. It is now considered good business practice to go green in China, so we expect more luxury brands to announce their sustainability initiatives.

Shanghai-based boutique Icicle, is working to implement eco-friendly business initiatives throughout their 100 plus Chinese locations. They are becoming more green in a number of ways, including the use of more sustainable materials and production strategies.

One way the brand is embracing sustainability is by eliminating wrapping paper waste. Ye Shouzeng, founder of Icicle, told China Daily, “We found many consumers will throw the wrapping paper away, which is not environmentally friendly. So we created this way of packaging. They can use this cotton bag to store undergarments, stationery or something else.”

The introduction of cotton bags is just one change the boutique is making in order to become more environmentally sustainable. Icicle’s clothing is lined with white organic cotton as opposed to the more commonly used polyester. They are also using other biodegradable materials, such as corn fiber, for their price tags and buttons.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Catches On in China

The Icicle brand isn’t alone in its green goal, other early adopters of the sustainability ethos are:

Its Shanghai stores offer elegant womenswear, accessories and children’s wear made with earth-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, raw silk, yak, soy, linen, wool and bamboo.

This brand is all about serving up fashion with a conscience. It is dedicated to using the highest quality organic and sustainable fabrics available, and producing our line with manufacturing partners that share our concern for the environment, fair labor practices, and exceptional workmanship.

This Shanghai-based brand specializes in sustainable children’s clothing. Functional and stylish organic cotton children’s clothes ethically made in China.

Snoozer Loser
Indie-feel eco-friendly clothing and accessories made from overstock vintage fabrics and certified organic materials. Hand-dyed with natural pigments, Snoozer Loser’s range of rompers, dresses, scarves, shorts and blouses are fun.

Ka Sheng, the editor in chief of fashion magazine iLook, says that while China may be behind other countries in the green game, they are starting to catch up.“They were not aware of environmental protection. However, it is better late than never. We are very glad to see some local fashion companies making efforts to create an eco-friendly style.”

image credit: snoozer loser, nuomi

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