E. Marinella Brings Its Luxury Handcrafted Ties to China

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Known for its handcrafted ties which has long been a favorite of the world’s politicians, Italian luxury tie maker E. Marinella has recently initiated its expansion into China with a new store in Hong Kong. 

E. Marinella’s international expansion began a decade ago, and now maintains stores across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Although the brand found a “loyal customer base in Japan,” a country that accounts for 15 percent of the brand’s worldwide sales, Marinella was cautious about expanding into China.

“Regarding China, to be honest, I have always been a little bit worried. It’s so big, and we don’t mass produce – I don’t want growth if it’s a detriment to quality,” Maurizio Marinella, the company’s third-generation owner tells the South China Morning Post.

He felt that Hong Kong was “a good first entrance into the market” and “a potential stepping stone” to a presence on the mainland. E. Marinella opened its first store in the city’s IFC mall as a temporary kiosk, but a more permanent shop in Landmark will open in June.

Despite President Xi Jinping’s recent crackdown on luxury spending among public officials, Marinella is not concerned about the sales of his brand.

“Politicians are not our only customers,” Marinella said. “Giving or wearing a tie goes across generations and cultures. It is a timeless gesture of appreciation and fashion.”

E. Marinella shirks traditional marketing strategies and sell ties online, preferring to interact more intimately with consumers. Marinella believes that his company’s attention to quality and customer satisfaction will greatly appeal to Chinese buyers.

“We prefer to follow the customer very closely and want him to live the experience of E. Marinella’s quality,” Marinella said. “Finding the right partner who knows our brand and understands our philosophy is very important.”

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One Response to E. Marinella Brings Its Luxury Handcrafted Ties to China

  1. LOL I’m not sure that the phrase “Worn by the world’s top politicians” makes me wanna go out and buy one!!

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