Delivering Dior to the Chinese Luxury Consumer Via DiorMag Chinese Edition

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This March, Dior launched an online fashion magazine through their website filled with articles, images, current news and product galleries divided into various sections. With this new digital venue, the brand hoped to pose itself as a storyteller, entertainer, and purveyor of high luxury. Now, a third edition of the magazine has been published in Mandarin in honor of the haute couture collection Dior is presenting this week in Shanghai. It offers, among many other features, a behind-the-scenes look at the couture collection.

“For a global fashion brand like Dior, you cannot be in the luxury industry and ignore China,” said Christine Kirk, CEO of Social Muse Communications, Los Angeles. “China has become a world hub for luxury brands because there is demand there. Affluent Chinese buyers look to luxury brands when making their purchases so this is a natural fit for Dior.”

Some features the publication has released include an article called “An Affair to Remember” that looks at Dior’s ties to China through history. A “Countdown to Shanghai” gallery was also posted, allowing readers to see a fashion show invitation and sketches of the some of the designs that will be featured. The magazine is also promising pictures of celebrity guests at the show to build anticipation.

“The digital channel is cheaper and quicker than any other option, so from that standpoint, digital is by far the right way to go,” said Vic Drabicky, New York-based premium and luxury brand digital strategist. “I would also say most luxury brands tend to lag behind the overall marketplace when it comes to digital marketing. Perhaps this is Dior noticing that trend and trying to adopt the digital channel quicker than their competitors. It supports any offline efforts they have and any stores they have, so by adding the digital channel, it gives Dior another way to communicate with customers in the region.”

Other luxury brands, like Neiman Marcus Group and Chanel are exploring how to reach China in the Digital Age. Neiman Marcus took a $28 million stake in Glamour Sales Holding, a private ecommerce company rooted in Asia, and Chanel chose Tokyo as the host of its 113-photo exhibit taken by creative director Karl Lagerfield. The brand also created a complementary e-exhibition.

“With one of the world’s largest populations, buying power in China is extraordinary,” Ms. Kirk said. “Delivering Dior to the Chinese consumer in a digital format they expect will positively impact Dior’s bottom line overall. Asian countries have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and innovation. The Chinese consumer is used to receiving their information on-the-go and in a mobile or online environment.”


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