David Tang’s New Lifestyle Brand Tang Tang Tang Tang

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While Shanghai Tang currently serves a wealthier, older clientele, Sir David Tang is now chasing after the younger, trendier crowd. He will open a new lifestyle boutique, Tang Tang Tang Tang, or TTTT, in late October. With about 170 items, the store will not only provide TTTT-labeled fashion but also housewares and gadgets that have all been designed by Sir David and his wife, Lucy.

For this brand, Sir David has chosen a design philosophy centering around “Chinese resonance”.  Rather than just selling “Chinese-designed” products, the brand will collaborate with those who can enhance the merchandise, including leader goods from England and glassware from the Czech Republic.

The name comes from the opening chords of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which in Tang’s words is “something half memorable and half fun.”

He spoke to The New York Times about the most exciting part of the entire process — “finding the right customer,” he said. “And I am targeting the fastest-growing middle class in the world. This group of people will be the most prosperous and, as a considerable amount of them would’ve spent time in the West, they will be looking for a brand that represents their ideals — and they don’t need to go to Fendi or Armani.”

Set in Wan Chai in Hong Kong, the store is in a re-modeled butter-cup yellow 125-year-old building that used to house a pawn shop.  Rather than a more commercial store layout, the boutique will be divided into a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, just like a real house.

Like his other stores, Sir David has added in decorative antique pieces for a stylishly retro atmosphere.

The project has taken about 18 months and an initial investment of about $6 million.  He plans to open another shop in London next year, and at year five, a store in China.

By Stephany Zoo, cofounder and marketing director of Bundshop.

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