Chinese Label Bosideng Plans to Go Upmarket with New London Flagship

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Chinese clothing brand Bosideng is known mostly among domestic shoppers as a mass-market retailer. But all of that is about to change.

As China Daily reports, “Set up by Gao Dekang in the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu in the late 1970s, Bosideng owed much of its initial growth to cheap labor and land costs and the growing population of affluent middle-class consumers in China.” Bosideng has more than 8,000 retail outlets in China.

The company’s founder and chairman Gao Dekang said: “Bosideng has achieved significant recognition and respect in China. Now we are expanding to establish Bosideng’s international brand presence.”

Now, at a time when all eyes are on London for the Olympic Games, Bosideng is seizing its opportunity and opening a flagship store in central London’s glamorous shopping district. To Wayne Zhu, CEO of Bosideng UK, the progression just makes sense, but he admits lots of preparation was necessary. “We realized that in order to make a mark in the UK we had to come up with something different, as our existing products were not suited for British consumers,” he said.

Jason Denmark, director of retail operations, Bosideng UK, elaborated on how the experience of Bosideng UK will differ from the brand’s image. “Our range of menswear products will not be cheap. They will be priced more in line with other luxury brands like Hugo Boss,” he said. Of course, the quality will rise as well, with most of the products for the flagship being manufactured in Europe from the material of 15 quality suppliers located throughout Italy, Turkey, and Portugal.

And while staying true to its Chinese roots, the new venture hopes to capture Western sensibilities in its new lines.  Denmark said, “What we will achieve is to dovetail a subtle combination of Chinese and UK fashion-influenced design, using mainly European fabrics and manufacturing processes, to create this unique collection. It’s a match made in heaven.”

Denmark explained the Bosideng strategy is to subtly incorporate red, an homage to the brand’s homeland, into classic designs: a red lining for a navy peacoat, a red tag to cashmere jackets. He believes that Bosideng’s target audience — the forward thinking, inspirational young man” who understands the cloth, stitching, and design of his wardrobe – will appreciate these nuances.

Bosideng is promoting its dove-wing logo as the symbol for freedom, and has been using birds throughout its campaign.  Denmark said, “A bird has the freedom to explore and witness the world. Similarly as a team, we have developed those initiatives based on the very same principals – freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom to innovate and create.”

The store on South Molton Street, which will offer premium menswear, is slated to open on July 26. An online promotional campaign has been launched to offset the high cost of advertising surrounding London and the Games. The brand is hopeful that once Bosideng establishes itself as a high-luxury brand, its new reputation will boomerang home to China. Denmark said, “Visitors from China already have a perception of the Bosideng brand. But right from the interiors to the range of collections, the London experience will be a totally different experience for them.”

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